Free Dan Kennedy Teleseminar Today – Dave Dee Bares his Soul

Dan Kennedy - Live Teleseminar with Dave Dee

The story goes like this…

  • Left the home and state he grew up in to take a new job in Atlanta
  • Kicked butt in the new job, but still never made real money
  • Got FIRED from this crap job, tossed into the streets
  • Decided to pursue his passion – MAGIC – to make a real living
  • Had a great show, but had NO CLUE how to book gigs
  • Everything looked dark… and then….

Dave Dee discovered Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire strategies.

And from that point forward, EVERYTHING changed.

This afternoon at 2 PM EST Dave will get on the phone himself to reveal the up close and personal story of his life. It wasn’t anything he’d planned, but after the incredible response to the Webcast with Dan the other day, GKIC was flooded with questions. So Dave agreed to this call, where he’s going to describe:

  • How he applied Dan’s secrets to a crazy career like Birthday Party Magician and moved swiftly into top dollar Corporate Events.
  • Dan’s insight that success in getting gigs could scale quickly into a six figure, multinational business… that he soon learned was even MORE rewarding than simply performing!
  • The continuous application of Renegade principles that led to Dave’s steady progression from doer to marketer to strategic advisor to product launch expert to GKIC Chief Marketing Officer.
  • And a lot more besides.

At the end, Dave’s going to open up the lines to take your questions about the insights he’s gained from using Dan’s Renegade strategies and provide you with answers you can leverage in your own lives and businesses.

This is a very special call you do not want to miss.

Join Dan Kennedy and Dave Dee This Afternoon!

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