Use YouTube to Get to the Top of Google!

How to Dominate Page 1 Of Google

I just finished going through Ryan Deiss’ cool new YouTube Google Hack $7 report, and really learned quite a few things! I really didn’t think I’d pick up too much of anything, since I know how to post videos to YouTube, and it was only a $7 report…but I was surprised.

I believe that following this method, I’ll be able to get my videos to rank #1 on Google.

He also listed some really creative ways of getting your videos done. So if you don’t like having your face be in the video, it’s totally not a problem! There are many ways you can do your video where you’re nowhere to be seen.

If you’re still not sure that using YouTube videos to get traffic is a great idea…then let me share that leads generated after someone views a YouTube video are worth 5x to 10x more than an ordinary leads in sales. So how does that make you feel about YouTube videos?

Might as well give it a try, right?

Learn How to Dominate Page 1 of Google!

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