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I have great news for you. Getting higher Google rankings just got exponentially easier.

Brad and Matt Callen, along with underground SEO brain, Dori Friend, just released an extremely powerful blog network that gets you PR1 links and up, by the bucket full!

I’m assuming you already know that in order to get a top Google ranking, you need links. It’s a given in 2012 and beyond that without links, you can’t rank for anything even slightly competitive.

There are 100s of ways to get links to your website. Even the automated ones take a bit of time to set up, maintain and monitor.

Until now… With SEO Link Monster, what they’re calling this thing, you spend about 15 minutes, press go, and the system publishes your links all over the internet at a set rate every single day, until…FOREVER!

It’s very different than anything else released previously. The results these guys are getting people with their blog networks are crazy.

They run many blog networks. In fact, they run the biggest public blog network in the world, and charge upwards of $997/month for access to it. And guess what? People pay it because it works so well!

But with their new system, they’ve built it to allow the average website owner to be able to afford and use the power their blog networks can give people.

It’s nowhere near the price tag of their previous blog networks, yet has crazy authority and ranking power with Google.

Anyway, enough of the “hype”, go check it out for yourself. I guarantee you’ll be impressed with the stuff these guys put out:

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