Make, Market, Launch It – Get a Piece of this Nearly $100 Billion Dollar Industry

Make Market Launch It

Meet Pam Hendrickson, who spent almost 20 years helping the biggest names in personal and professional development (including Tony Robbins!) to create some of the best-selling personal development products in the world.

In this video, Pam and Mike Koenigs (founder of Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer and one of the most successful online marketers) will show you that the potential market is HUGE – and primed for massive growth.

(Keep reading because they’re giving away a Platinum consulting package, too!)

Take a look at last year’s numbers alone:

  • Personal Growth: $10.5 BILLION-dollar industry
  • Corporate Training & eLearning: $33 BILLION-dollar industry
  • Personal & Corporate Coaching: $1.2 BILLION-dollar industry
  • Digital Information Products: the industry has DOUBLED in the last 5 years

In the video, Mike will reveal the 5-step process that you can use to tap into this growing industry.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

You can have the entire planet at your fingertips…

…if you know how to deliver something of VALUE to a market that NEEDS what you have.

This new video will show you exactly how.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • How to make, market and launch an outstanding product to a market who NEEDS what YOU know
  • How to tap into this multi-BILLION-dollar industry that just keeps growing
  • How to get off the hamster wheel of trading time for money and start profiting while you sleep
  • How to harness the 5 mindset secrets that determine whether a business takes off or shuts its doors
  • How you can win two days of consulting and filming in San Diego with Pam & Mike, the product creation MASTERS, to get your own product to market NOW

Watch the video.

You already have the skills to make this happen.

All you need is the SYSTEM.

Mike & Pam will share it with you in this free video series.

You can’t afford to miss it.

If you do ONE thing to set yourself up for an amazing 2012, this is it.

By the way, Mike & Pam are giving away a Platinum product creation consulting package: a “boatstorming” session on Mike’s yacht in the San Diego Harbor, a day in Mike’s $250,000 state-of-the-art, television-quality studio AND a product promotion to their combined list of nearly 200,000 people. (Plus, Mike will pick you up in his solar-powered Tesla electric sportscar that goes from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds!)

Talk about getting to your income goals quickly!

Watch the video for details on how to enter…and make sure you sign up for the series because video #2 is going to show you how to get people to open up their wallets and PAY you what you’re worth for what you know.

Watch the Free Video Now!

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