23 Important Reasons you Should Be at Underground 8

Yanik Silver Underground Online Seminar 8

In case you haven’t registered (or even heard about) Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar 8 – time is running out!

You’ve got until January 31st to grab all your discounts and freebies reserved for you.

Even though this event isn’t until March you need to move on this fast because it’s been SOLD-OUT every year for the past 7 years…while other seminars are still trying to sell tickets up until the very day of their event.

Now in case you’re not really sure about this event – I’ve asked Yanik to put together few reasons why you need to be here. Instead of five or six reasons like I thought he’d give me – here are his 23 reasons…

  1. Not the same “usual suspects” who speak at almost every seminar. He has brought together an elusive group of real-world “doers” to present what they’re doing online.
  2. No one speaking is making the bulk of their income from the “Internet World” or selling “How to Make Money”. (That means they can’t be a ‘shovel seller’.)
  3. The speakers combined, bring in millions online selling everything from eBooks, real physical products, information products, software, advertising, CPA networks, membership sites & more.
  4. Not 1, but 2 World-class keynote speakers.

    Keynote #1 – Brendon Burchard who went from a broke, unknown entrepreneur to making $4.6 million in less than 24 months. He is the founder of Experts Academy and the #1 New York Times and #1 USA Today bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger.

    Keynote #2 – Managing Director for South Fork Ventures, Robert Hirsch who has grown six companies from the $5-50 million mark.

    You’ll be able to get up close and personal with them both. And that’s just one of the reasons why there are NO seminars like the UndergroundĀ® event.

  5. Networking opportunity not to be missed – guests, attendees, speakers and Internet “celebrity” experts will all be there to do business together.
  6. The speakers will all be giving up their juiciest secrets and best info because they are competing for the title of “Top Underground Marketer” and a $10,000 prize for their favorite charity.

    (They sure don’t need the money.) šŸ˜‰

  7. Take a tax-deductible trip to the Nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. (talk to your tax professional first).
  8. Spend a couple extra days and bring the family to Washington, DC. The Nation’s capital is a must-see destination for anyone. From the sprawling monuments, to the famous sites to the historical landmarks to the trendy streets of Georgetown – you will find more than enough to keep you occupied.
  9. New information straight from the trenches on Web 2.0, Social media, membership sites, content sites, niche marketing, information marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, joint ventures,
    email marketing, selling real products & services, list building and much more.
  10. Easy 3-pay payment plan makes your investment easy on the wallet. (You can pay *AFTER* you profit at the event in March.)
  11. Brand spanking NEW information from Yanik that he’s never, ever shared before.
  12. $1500 off ‘Early-Bird’ ticket price.

    After January 31st, 2012 the price will drastically increase.
    This is the lowest price going!

  13. Confidential information to be shared.

    Several of the presenters have already warned Yanik that they will need to turn off the cameras and the microphones so they can reveal ‘off-the-record’ information they don’t want to be recorded. Yes that does mean he will be taping this event but he definitely do NOT have plans on releasing it to the general public in its entirety.

    In fact, two years ago “Mr. X #1 and Mr. X #2” won the UndergroundĀ® marketer of the year award by audience vote but their ENTIRE presentation was not recorded so the only way of getting the info was attending LIVE!

    So if you plan on waiting for the tapes – realize he may make parts of it, heavily edited and censored tapes available later on.

    That means the only way to get full disclosure is to get here in person! Also, a strict Non-disclosure policy will be in effect.

  14. ** Only for Early-Bird Sign-ups**

    You’ll be joining Yanik’s guest presenters, experts and Internet buddies for a “VIP” networking dinner!

    When you register before Jan 31st you’ll receive a special VIP ticket and confidential password. You must have both in order to gain admittance into a private, closed-door dinner he’s holding on the first night of the UndergroundĀ® 8 seminar.

    It’s THE ideal time and place to cut JV deals, build relationships, and do high-level networking most people never have access to. I guarantee fortunes will be made in this room from the deals being done, some off-chance remark or an idea thrown out.

    Yanik is literally bolting the doors shut and the only way to get inside is by having your red VIP ticket and password. This is an exclusive bonus only until the early-bird cut off or until the limited number of spots are taken (whichever comes first). After that time there is absolutely NO way to pay to get in!

  15. ** Only for Early-Bird Sign-ups**

    The Complete UndergroundĀ® 7 Seminar Video Series. Normally, to purchase this entire DVD series, you’d spend $995. But claim your ticket(s) for UndergroundĀ® 8 before January 31 and you’ll receive online access to the entire video series for FREE!

  16. ** Only for Early-Bird Sign-ups**

    Access to the Fundamental Internet Success Video Training Series

    If you haven’t started online or are just getting started and want to know the fastest way to putting money in your pocket then you are going to love this video training.

    Yanik has cut through the all the hype and B.S. that is out there and recorded an entire training series that reveals…

    1. Tips and tools to find hot product ideas, hidden niche markets and how to validate existing ideas to make sure they are profitable.
    2. How to build a killer sales website for non-techies on a budget.
    3. How to get targeted profitable visitors to your website in ANY industry.
    4. Tips and tools to test, tweak, and track your way to more traffic, more sales, and more repeat customers.

    With this resource you’ll be more making money online in no time.

  17. Networking opportunity not to be missed

    Yanik’s buddies (who also happen to be world-class Internet and direct marketing experts) have been clamoring to attend.

    I don’t know who will show up this year but previous high-profile attendees were Dan Kennedy, Jonathan Mizel, Jim Edwards, Marlon Sanders, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Walker, Stephen Pierce, Bill Glazer, Perry Marshall, Rosalind Gardner, Joel Comm, Willie Crawford, Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, Michel Fortin, Michael Holland, Phil Wiley, Kevin Wilke, Andrew Fox, and many others who came to learn and not to B.S. in the hallways.

    In addition to that, there’s the previous “Rogue Agents”. Many of these guys and gals have told Yanik in no uncertain terms they absolutely want back in to learn from the new presenters, network and be part of the action.

    (Who knows – he may even ambush them and put some of them work or give them the microphone and put them on the spot.) šŸ˜‰

  18. It’ll pump you up.

    I’ve been to live events before, and there is nothing else like it. Feeling a bit “blah” about your business, or just not as excited as you once were? This will change it. You’ll leave the event feeling excited, and have a lot of great new ideas on how to better your business.

  19. Real Results

    The success stories from last years attendees continue to pour in…

    “…Six ideas, in particular, that we got from the speakers fit into our
    business model perfectly and will allow us to reach our goal…”
    – Dave and Heidi Perry, Pleasant Grove, UT

    “… I came away with 3 pages of BIG IDEAS. Even if you sent me home on
    2 pm on Day 1, I would have still felt like I got many times my money’s worth.”
    – Paul Partridge, Westfield, NJ

    “…The Underground event was hands-down THE best event I have ever
    invested in. The information was so fresh and valuable…”
    – Carol Tuttle, Sandy, UT

    “When I attended your seminar I did not know anything about Internet marketing…
    After I attended your seminar and when you presented your stuff on selling high priced products I had a very strong feeling that I could do something similar in my site… I owe you a lot simply because your seminar gave me the option to exercise freedom.”
    – A. “Vish” Vishwanath, Mumbai, India

    These results are from every level of Internet experience from total newbies to experienced veterans.

  20. Big, bold brassy guarantee…

    At the end of the first day if you don’t believe what you’ve discovered is pure moneymaking gold or you decide not to stay for the whole event or you are disappointed in anyway, for whatever reason, just discretely turn in your Secret Agent gadgets and your materials to one of the staff members.

    Say the code word and you can exit with a full refund of your tuition. Plus Yanik will give you $250 for your first nights hotel and expenses.

  21. You don’t want to be left on the sidelines again. For the past 7 years the UndergroundĀ® event has sold out weeks in advance because the real players, the real content and the real fun are here each year.
  22. The caliber of attendees is unequaled for Internet marketing seminars. The previous 5 years Yanik has conducted attendance surveys and a full third of the audience earned over 6-figures online. There are major Internet millionaires who always ‘sneak in’ as attendees and many have gone on to become presenters because of the high quality format. (In fact, a full 70% of attendees return year after year!)
  23. It’ll be FUN! As you can tell from the site – this isn’t the typical seminar. There will be lots of fun, surprises and cool stuff going on!

There you have it. Trust me, it would be a huge mistake to miss out on this one-time event.

Don’t wait to sign-up for this event because nearly all the “Early-Bird” seats are already gone. We may even have to close the early-bird discount prior to January 31st, 2012 because there is a limit to the number of people they can fit in the room for the VIP Networking dinner.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from the most elusive and secretive group of ‘Underground’ Internet achievers (and also mingle and network with them).

I suggest you get over to the site right away. Don’t dally or all the seats will be gone and you’ll be left sitting on the sidelines.

Listen, if you’re serious about your Internet business – there’s no excuse for missing these 3 jam-packed days.

Do it now and secure your place for the maximum discounts and the exclusive Early-Bird Bonuses!

Get Your Underground 8 Tickets Now!

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