eFormula – Your Questions Answered


I’ve hope you’ve heard all about what Tim Godfrey & Steve Clayton have been doing this past week, promoting eFormula by giving away (for free) some great videos, a keyword tool, and even a WordPress plugin.

I just wanted to let you know that Tim & Steve have uploaded a Questions and Answers video to the ‘eFormula’ pre-launch area which answers many of the questions they have been asked over the past couple of weeks.

They cover subjects such as exactly what the ‘formula’ is, how much work it will be, what you will sell, how you will generate traffic and revenue…and so on.

Remember, their company has generated as much as $100K in profit in just a couple of months using these methods and as they don’t require any previous experience, anyone can copy them and create a profitable online business.

Don’t forget, eFormula goes live tomorrow (January 5th) at 12pm Eastern Time (current New York time).

They are only letting in 250 new members this time around and there are going to be thousands of people heading to the sign up page on the dot of the hour.

Therefore, you will need to act fast when they go live.

Look out for the email – and get ready to take action.

In the meantime, check out this video.

Watch the Free eFormula Video Now!

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