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Whenever you buy a product, especially an Internet Marketing product…sometimes you can have questions.

Just because what was said/explained was easy to understand for them, doesn’t mean that you’ll completely understand it.

You’ll probably have at least one question, no matter what the product.

So if you’ve been considering getting Mobile Local Fusion, you’re going to love what I just found out.
For a limited time, you’ll get $1,000 worth of LIVE coaching!

Every week Laura Betterly will be on a live coaching call with a group of people. She’ll be able to answer all of your questions, along with everyone else’s.

Talk about incredible. So not only will you get your questions about Mobile Local Fusion answered, but you’ll be able to hear other people’s questions, and Laura’s answers to those too.

You might even learn something you didn’t realize you had a question about just by listening to these calls!

As long as you still see it offered in the video, you’ll get it included with your purchase.

For obvious reasons, she can’t offer this forever, as she only has so much time to do this!

So, I suggest you go watch the video now, so that you can get started!

Get Mobile Local Fusion Now!

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