What’s Inside Mobile Local Fusion

You’ve probably heard about Mobile Local Fusion by now. Ryan Deiss does a great job describing it in the video below. Laura Betterly is going to teach you how to make money with Mobile Local marketing.

Ryan talks about all of this in the free video, and goes into a lot of details about the great things you’ll learn in each module…

But just in case you don’t have the time to watch the video at the moment, and you want to know what types of things you’ll learn, here are the 9 Modules that you’ll get with Mobile Local Fusion:

Module 1: Understanding the Local Landscape
Module 2: Getting to the Top of Google Local
Module 3: Going Mobile
Module 4: How Your Clients Make Money
Module 5: Outsourcing the Work
Module 6: Getting Clients
Module 7: Managing Client Expectations
Module 8: Managing Your Business
Module 9: Crazy Opportunity in the Future

Again, if you watch Ryan’s free video (below), he’ll go into detail for each module, telling you exactly what types of things you’ll learn.

What else is being offered is really great though.

For a limited time, $1,000 in LIVE coaching is included!!

Every week Laura will be on a live coaching call with a group to answer any of your questions – talk about priceless!!

Often when starting something new, you’ll have some sort of questions. Usually you don’t have access to the person who created it, so that they can help give you an answer…but for a limited time, you do.

As long as it’s still offered in the video (as it is right now), you’ll be able to get your questions answered by Laura, so you’re sure not to get “stuck” on something.

I suggest you go watch the video now, so that you can get started!

Get Mobile Local Fusion Now!

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