Ryan Deiss – The $80,000,000 Sales Letter “Tweak”

Recently, Ryan Deiss was at one of his member’s office in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a huge company, with over $500 million per year in annual sales.

So imagine his surprise, when the CEO of the company came up to him and shook his hand, and said “thanks for the $80 million increase to our business.”

Ryan wanted to know what he did.

Well…it turns out that the company had taken one sales letter tactic from one of Ryan’s trainings, and applied it across just SOME of the offers in their business. And in one year, they experienced an $80 million increase in sales!

It was a company record.

So what was the $80 million sales letter magic?

I thought you might ask, so Ryan made another free video not just to tell you about it, but to demonstrate it live.

It’s really simple, but commonly increases sales by up to 300% overnight.

The video is free…again, Ryan’s treat to you, to show you the power of the research that he and his staff do at Digital Marketer, and also to demonstrate exactly how members benefit from it.

Ryan walks you step by step through the process, so this is a real keeper for your swipe file.

Can you imagine how much easier you could buy traffic, make JV deals, or just pay your own bills f every one of your offers converted 300% higher?

I know you’ll get a lot of benefit fro this video! Even if you’re doing affiliate marketing, this will work to help you as well.

Watch Ryan’s Free Video Now!

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