Is Mobile Local Fusion Closing?

I’ve heard that Mobile Local Fusion is going to close at midnight tonight, and that there won’t be any exceptions.

Why are they going to close it?

Because a big part of their training is LIVE coaching, and they want you to get 100% of the information and experience.

And since the live coaching really heats up this Wednesday, they had to set a deadline.

Now…why do you need to join Mobile Local Fusion?

Just think about it. What are 2 things that are really hot right now?

First off…Mobile. Every magazine you pick up these days has QR codes so that you can use your mobile phone to get to their website. Even many products you buy these days have a QR code on them. You can’t get away from them – and it’s only going to get bigger.

Local is huge as well. I mean, how do you go about finding a plumber, dentist, or dry cleaner? You probably go to Google to find your local service, right?

So imagine what Mobile Local Fusion can do for you, and those that you help!

Don’t miss out…make sure you take a look at Mobile Local Fusion now.

Get Mobile Local Fusion Now!

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