Your Chance to get the Underground 7 Recordings!

You probably heard about the last Underground Online Seminar 7 that Yanik Silver and Derek Gehl put on in DC a few months ago. From what everyone said, it totally rocked!

I don’t know how they do it, but they keep upping the ante and bringing in an all new crop of real world success stories to share exactly how they are making it online. It’s definitely not the same old that you see at pretty much every other Internet Marketing event.

They all came to share more of their real world “how to make it work” experience than ever before.

It’s no wonder that Yanik’s Underground seminars sell out each year. That means there’s a good chance that you missed out. But there’s good news, because they recorded the entire event.

17 of the Internet’s top rebels, pioneers, and trendsetters quietly came together to share their real world tactics and secrets responsible for their millions online.

They are true Internet insiders who reveal exactly how they are quietly making their fortunes online…and how you can too!

Up to the minute topics covered include the latest on everything from Facebook to iPhone apps. They had a pair of 20somethings doing $800,000 a year making free iPhone apps.

But that’s not even close to where it ends, because you’ll get to hear from other renegades doing 7 figures with information marketing and publishing small niches like bird training. Or about one of the speakers who gives away his entire blueprint for making $1.4 million with a $67 fitness course in 7 days flat.

This is the kind of insider information you will not find anywhere else.

These Underground presenters covered everything from info marketing to PPC, CPA, domaining, blogging, email, eCommerce, PR, LinkedIn, social media, webinars, membership models, launches, and more.

And that’s still the tip of the iceberg, because there were 2 HUGE keynote speakers:

  • Ted Leonsis, the previous vice chairman and President of AOL. He’s the owner of the Washington Capitals, Wizards and Mystics sports teams. He’s the Chairman of Revolution money which recently sold to American Express for $300M. Ted is also an early investor in blockbuster companies ranging from Google to Groupon.
  • Marc Ostrofsy, best known for selling the domain name “” for $7.5 million landing him in the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest domain sale. Among his massive portfolio of domain names, Marc also develops eCommerce companies like which generates $65 million a year online.

Did you miss out on this one time event?

Whatever your reason for missing out, you now have a second chance to get this truly business changing (and dare I say even life-changing) information. What’s more, the cost is a fraction of a fraction of what you would have paid for the live event!

Right now you can claim the limited edition recordings of the event…but only if you hurry, because the masters go back into the vault once all 500 copies are sold out (or sooner).

Plus, I don’t know if any remain, but there are some outrageous first mover bonuses that may or may not still be available once you hit the page.

To see everything you’ll get, click the link below right away.

Remember, this is the 7th year that the Underground has gone on, and ever previous year’s Underground event recordings are unavailable and totally sold out…so don’t wait and miss out again.

Get the Underground 7 Recordings Now!

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