Jimmy D. Brown – How to Make Money Online in 3 Steps

I’ve got a fantastic article for you in a minute from one of the “good guys” of Internet Marketing, Jimmy D. Brown. He’s getting rave comments about it at his blog, and I think you’ll like it as well.

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How To Make Money Online In 3 Steps
By Jimmy D. Brown

One of the hardest things you’ll ever face as a someone doing business online is this: getting your first sale.

Seriously, that’s the great difficulty. Once you figure out how to get that sale it’s simply a matter of duplicating the process an infinite amount of times to continue producing additional sales.

To be sure, you will test, tweak and completely change your tactics over time, but the fundamental process remains constant.

Making money online is all about connecting your offer with a buyer. That’s what it takes to make money: getting customers for something that earns you money.

The question is…


Three tiny letters. One syllable. One small word. One BIG question. How? How can I get customers who buy what I’m selling?

That’s what I want to answer today. The process is the same for us all. There are three steps…

1. DEFINE the goal.

I know, I know – you’re probably thinking this: “The goal is to make money! In fact, a LOT of money!” Yeah, I get it. But that’s like saying, “The goal is to be healthy” or “The goal is to be happy”.

We need something PRACTICAL and PRECISE.

In terms of defining the goal, what is it that you will do in order “make money”? In other words, what is your OFFER?

Will you…

* Create your own product to sell?
* Promote other people’s products as an affiliate?
* Sell items on auction sites like eBay?
* Earn income as a freelance writer?
* Make money as a blogger?
* Sell digital photos as a business?

You need to decide the MEANS by which you will generate sales.

My recommendation is to choose one of the above that I just mentioned. These are all PROVEN ways to make money online. They are all relatively beginner friendly. Pick one of them and move on…

2. DETERMINE The Steps.

You’ve chosen a goal – a METHOD to make money online. Now it’s a matter of planning out the steps you’ll need to take to implement that method. In other words, it’s time to break things down into ACTION STEPS.

Your goals probably include large steps, like “set up a website” and “create a product.” If you put a task like that on your to-do list, it may take you weeks or months to accomplish.

So what you need to do is break these large tasks into reachable action steps. That way you won’t feel as overwhelmed.

Example: A task like “set up a website” may include the following smaller tasks and reachable steps:

1. Set up website
1.1 Choose domain name.
1.2 Choose webhosting.
1.3 Change domain name servers to point to new webhost.

2. Set up blog
2.1 Install WordPress blog.
2.2 Customize WP blog.
2.3 Install plugin.
2.4 Write and post six messages.

3. Set up landing page
3.1 Choose autoresponder (like Aweber.com).
3.2 Create landing page copy.
3.3 Create confirmation page.
3.4 Determine what information market is looking for.
3.5 Create seven part course based around market demand.
3.6 Write and upload autoresponder messages.

You can see the difference. Instead of thinking “I need to set up my website,” you can focus on one action step at a time. Focusing on “choosing a domain name” is downright easy compared to focusing on “setting up a site.”

Prioritize these tasks chronologically and then…

3. DO The Checklist.

It’s all about execution at this point. You need to do your to-do list!

What I would recommend is breaking things down into a series of daily and weekly to-do lists.

You may want to do this on a weekly basis, where you spend Sunday night creating your to-do lists for the week. If you get off track – or if you work faster than anticipated – be sure to revise your list for the next day.

The important thing is to set yourself a schedule of what to do each day of your work week. It doesn’t matter if you have 30 minutes per day to devote to it or 8 hours a day … schedule a task for each day of the week in order to work your way through the steps toward your goal.

Example: Here’s a BRIEF look at what your weekly schedule might look…

Monday: Choose a domain name and register. (See notes)
Tuesday: Find a hosting company. (See notes)
Wednesday: Setup order link at Clickbank. (See notes)
Thursday: Upload all files and test process. (See notes)
Friday: Write mailing and send to list. (See notes)

Obviously, all of this depends upon what you have written down in STEP TWO from above, so it’s important that you break everything down into action steps before scheduling those steps.

To summarize: you make money by connecting an offer and a buyer. You make that connection by defining your goal, determining the steps for reaching that goal and doing those steps.

That’s how you get it done.

Of course, “WHAT are the steps for reaching the goal” is an entirely different question, right?

Before we close out, let me share something with you that will help you reach the end result you’re looking for much faster and easier.

I’ve done STEP TWO for you.

All you need to do is choose something from step one: create your own product, become an affiliate marketer, sell on eBay, freelance write, blog or sell digital photos.

Pick one of those and I’ve got everything already developed for you in a series of 31-day guides which break down all of the steps into daily activities for one month to reach your goal.

Below you’ll find a link to these guides.

1. The 31-Day Guide To Selling Digital Photos Online
2. The 31-Day Guide To Making Money On Ebay
3. The 31-Day Guide To Making Money As A Blogger
4. The 31-Day Guide To Making Money As A Freelance Writer
5. The 31-Day Guide To Profiting As An Affiliate
6. The 31-Day Guide To Making Money Selling Tiny Reports

Each of these guides contains 50-80 pages of meaty information arranged in reachable, daily action steps … one for each day of the month.

These guides are normally $30 each, but they are available until Friday, March 18th @ 10PM for a discounted price of $20 each. This offer is ONLY available until then and will not be repeated.

The guides are “beginner friendly”, but are also perfect for “intermediates” as well.

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