Yanik Silver & Derek Gehl are Sending Shockwaves through the Internet Marketing World!

Yanik Silver has been around for over 11+ years (which is pretty much forever in the online world), and has always had the respect of his customers as well as industry insiders. His story of going from his 1-bedroom apartment to creating a small online empire has been a serious inspiration for me as well as the tens of thousands of others he’s helped.

But it had seemed that he’d been pretty quiet lately, and now I know why.

It seems that about 3 years ago, he was pretty burnt out on the industry because of what’s been happening…and I can’t really blame him.

Every time you check your inbox, there’s the next “big thing”. There’s so much noise, confusion, fake experts, and just all around fluff that it’s become nearly impossible for any serious entrepreneur to figure out who to trust, or even what option or path to take online.

And that’s exactly why Yanik is stepping back into the picture. He wants to lead a “revolution” of sorts. A mission to bring transparency, integrity, and value back to the marketplace.

And he’s not alone. Yanik has teamed up with one of the original online pioneers, Derek Gehl, to take this to the next level.

Together they’re just releasing their “Underground Uprising Manifesto”. It’s a multi-part multi-media tutorial series that provides more real world value than a lot of Internet courses out there, even though you don’t pay a dime for the material.

They want to give every legitimate business owner and entrepreneur a road map to strategically decide who to follow and what they really need to enhance their online ventures.

Be advised…this isn’t a big launch or anything like that. It’s something totally different that I’m absolutely lending my support to, because this message needs to be heard.

Watch the Free Video Now!

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