Traffic Voodoo – Free Traffic Getting Training Series

The third video is now live, and so is the new PDF.

Don’t forget…

Here are the 11 “Non Stop Traffic” Strategies that Jeff has been sharing as part of his “Non Stop Traffic Formula” video training series:

  1. “Youtube Bounceback”
  2. “Facebook Push”
  3. “Twitter Blog Bounce”
  4. Blogs and “Feeder Sites”
  5. “Push Send, Get Traffic”
  6. “Contests and Sweepstakes Traffic Magnets”
  7. “Article Linking Network”
  8. “Free Software List Building Machine”
  9. “PPC for Broke College Students and Housewives”
  10. “CPV Server Crasher”
  11. “Non-Stop Affiliate Traffic”

As you can tell by the titles, Jeff adds his own distinct twist to each one of them.

The good news is it’s all free.

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