Win $10,000 of Help For Your Business

Are you looking for help with your business?

If so, then have you registered for the Internet Marketing Center’s “Ebusiness Rising Star Challenge” for your chance to win $10,000 in help for your website yet?

If not, you need to do it now!

IMC is only accepting 237 more people into the challenge at the time of this writing, so chances are it will be full by this time tomorrow.

If you haven’t heard about IMC’s challenge yet, here’s what I’m talking about:

On April 13th, IMC will make available a complete package of simple automated tools that anyone can use to build a basic website, from scratch.

Prove that you’ve got the desire and motivation to succeed with an Internet business by using these tools to create a website…and be the first person to make a sale, and YOU will be the STAR!

The $10,000 in expert help, the extensive PR campaign, will be yours!

Ready to join the challenge?

Join the Challenge!

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