Wealthy Affiliate Review (from a Wealthy Affiliate Member)

wealthy affiliate

If you’ve been trying to create an online business, you have probably looked into some resources that will help you. There are many types of things out there to help you in the Internet Marketing realm. You can find great books, DVDs, classes, and more to help you get your online business to a more successful place. Sometimes though, nothing can beat talking to a real live person.

If you have a specific question about Internet Marketing, or about your website, or even just want a second opinion on your website or product, you’ll know that it can help a lot to be able to talk to a person to get their opinion, or have them answer your specific question.

It really is priceless, as sometimes you just can’t find your answer anywhere else…especially if it deals with your specific product or website.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate and the Wealthy Affiliate forum come in.

First lets talk about the forum, even though it’s only a small part of the website. There are all sorts of topics, and if you have a question – any type of question, you will get plenty of answers. All of the members are helpful and friendly, and even the owners (Kyle and Carson) are also on hand to help answer questions. So no matter what your question is, there will be someone who can help you.

On top of the great forum, which is worth the price alone, there are a lot of other features as well. Here are just a few of them:

  • Guides & Tutorials – New to a certain type of marketing? Not sure exactly where to start? They have a lot of different step-by-step guides and tutorials that will help you whether you are a beginner, or already an accomplished Internet Marketer.
  • Tools – They have so many tools, it’s incredible. Included are tools on product research, keyword tools, adword competition tools, and more.
  • Web Hosting & Website Builder – Don’t have a website yet? No need to pay extra for one. They’ll host your site for you, and you can use their online website builder to get the site built for you.
  • …so much more

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate comes with a LOT, and they really over deliver. If you can’t tell, I am very happy with them, and wouldn’t consider not being a member anymore.

I left this for last, but one thing you really won’t believe, is the price. With everything it comes with, you’d expect the Wealthy Affiliate membership to cost at least $100 a month, and they could probably get it if they charged that…but they don’t. They know people who need this help are the ones that usually can’t spend a lot yet. So they only charge $29.99 a month if you stay a year…and $39.00 a month without any minimum. You’ll more than make up for the price with just a few of their tips!

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