The SEO Myths that are Stealing Your Traffic (Digi Traffic Generator)

Andy Fletcher - Digi Traffic Generator

You’ve probably seen a lot of SEO “gurus” telling you that backlinking is dead, even though this time last year they were saying backlinking was the only way to good rankings. Right?

So you have to wonder…How can they both be true? I mean sure, Penguin (and Panda) happened, but it’s not like Google just shut off the link juice tap. I mean Wikipedia still ranks high for pretty much everything…because everyone links to it.

So it turns out most of these SEO gurus don’t actually know what they’re talking about. But one guy does, and he’s spilling the beans.

There’s a few things the gurus don’t want us to know.

So they spread backlinking “myths”.

And one of them is that backlinks don’t work.

These days, Google’s after social signals and authority content. And how does it measure these?

You guessed it…backlinks! But you’ve got to build them in the right places. Check this out to find out where…

Andy Fletcher knows SEO better than most, and he knows what backlinks work and what ones don’t.

And not only that, he’s developed software that builds hundreds of them at the push of a button.

(Did I mention he was a programming whiz-kid too?)

Over 1,700 people have already grabbed a copy, and you can get it here for half price… but only for the next few days:

Let’s face it, most of us don’t care what SEO technique we use. We just care that it WORKS.

You want to get the traffic to your site, to sign up to your lists and buy your stuff. Whatever business you have online, the more traffic you have, the more money you make.

And this software delivers, plain and simple.

Check it out now:

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