Price Tables Plugin – Make Your Prices Box Look Professional!

Mark Dulisse - Price Tables Plugin

If you sell anything online, you’re going to want to check out this WSO that Mark Dulisse just put up.

When you’re at a website that is selling something, do you ever get jealous of their really great professional looking price tables? You know what I mean, the ones that have a nice box around the order button, including the price, exactly what you’re getting, etc…

Sometimes they even have 2 or 3 boxes next to each other, so you can choose which option you want to buy.

Well how would you like to be able to create your own, without having to do any of the difficult coding? You just click a few buttons, and you can have something that looks just like this:

Price Tables Plugin

Would something like that help your website look more professional, and help you sell more of whatever you’re selling?

I know it would help me!

With this really inexpensive plugin, you can choose how many boxes you want, between 1 and 4, so don’t worry if you only have one option. You’ll still be able to make it look a lot more professional.

I know that one problem a lot of people have is making their sales page look good – especially since most people don’t know how to code at all…so the page looks basic, and sometimes unprofessional.

With this inexpensive plugin, you won’t have to worry about looking unprofessional anymore.  Your price box will be able to share all of the details of what they’re buying, how much it costs, and even which item you think is the best deal out of the choices you give them!

Wouldn’t it be great to steer your customers to a specific product?  Now you’ll be able to!

Like I said, Mark just put up this WSO, and I don’t know how long he’ll have it available for…so check it out while you can. He also shows you some more examples, and exactly how you can customize it:

Get the Price Tables Plugin Now!

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