Viral Rating Maximizer – WordPress Plugin Delivers 30% Boost in Traffic and Click through Rate!

Viral Rating Maximizer

The SEO blog Search Engine Land recently announced that using rich snippets can boost CTR (click-through rates) by up to 30%.

Even GOOGLE admits that using rich snippets can increase your sites traffic!

There is a brand NEW WordPress plugin that will automatically turn each of your blog posts into rich, eye-popping listings in Google’s results.

Its called Viral Rating Maximizer.

In a nut-shell Viral Rating Maximizer turns each page/post on your site as rich-snippet enabled, which equals:

  • Higher click-through rates in the SERPs
  • Boost in organic traffic

It also provides a fool-proof rating and social signaling feature which will:

  • Increase social interactions with your content
  • Drive viral traffic from places like Twitter, FB and Google+
  • Turn each page/post into authoritative content

You would be crazy not to add this simple, yet powerfu plugin to maximize each of your sites full POTENTIAL!

There is the install, the 2 minute set up, and then you’re done.

Grab your copy now while it still launching at a 75% discount for a limited time.

See How Viral Rating Maximizer Can Help You Get a Better Click Through Rate!

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