What is a Sales Funnel, and Why Do You Need One?


Did you know that the average marketer leaves tens of thousands of dollars on the table? It’s because they don’t implement a sales funnel in their marketing.

Most people create a product, sell it on a sales page of some sort, and then just give the buyers a link to their download page.

That method is not “wrong”, but it only generates pennies in comparison to a proper sales funnel. A proper funnel implements 3 steps for the buyer after they make their purchase.

These 3 steps are critical to your success.

They require a few more pages than just a “Thank You” page. Instead of just making a sale, you are putting you customers through a “sales process” that will typically yield more than 4 times the profits!

This method isn’t something that they invented. Its been around for years actually. All the big online merchants like Amazon, Walmart, Zappos and many many more use some sort of sales funnel.

Buzzinar teaches you how to build these funnels and also provides you the pre-configured pages that you will need for your website.

In addition to the site themes, Buzzinar also gives you a piece of software and a plugin that make your funnels grow VIRAL!

The software causes each of you leads to bring even more leads to your funnel. This way your site and profits grow on complete autopilot even with just the smallest little nudge in traffic.

The Buzzinar members area is so robust that you also get detailed explanations of how to get massive amounts of traffic for FREE. They even give you links to the exact resources they use themselves to drive hundreds of thousands of free clicks to their own offers.

This is truly one of the most “complete tools” you’ll ever seen. It will help your business. It normally sells for $97 but you can get in right now for as low as only $7. Yes, that’s just seven dollars.

That’s a ninety dollar discount.

What are you waiting for?

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