Market Samurai Discount – Get 50% Off Now!

Market Samurai - Half Off

I don’t know if you heard this yet, but Market Samurai is doing something for the first time…they’re selling their Market Samurai software for 50% off!

That means that you’ll get lifetime access to Market Samurai for just $75. You’ll also get the 50 keyword white belt Rank Tracking plan for free! Other similar services can cost up to $270 a year for 50 keywords. So it’s a great savings.

The sale ends on Friday, September 14th at Midnight.

If you don’t know much about Market Samurai, or wanted to see what it was like “inside”, I took a few screenshots.

My favorite part of Market Samurai is the Keyword Tool. Usually when I open up Market Samurai, that’s what I’m going for.

It’s great, because as long as you know a keyword – however vague, you can find out the best keywords you should use.

Market Samurai - Keyword Research Generate Keywords

Here is an example. I don’t know much about fishing, so I typed in fishing into the keyword tool.

I then clicked on “Generate Keywords”, and all of the sudden had 800 keywords about fishing. I then got rid of all of the ones that had nothing to do with what I wanted…and then clicked on “Analyze Keywords”,

Market Samurai - Keyword Research Analyze Keywords

and was left with (in this case) 164 keywords that fit the rules that Market Samurai has. You can change them, but I just left them alone for this search.

With the keywords left, I can see all cool sorts of stuff, such as:

  • The average searches per day for that keyword.
  • The maximum potential daily clicks you could get if you were ranked at #1.
  • The monthly traffic trends for that keyword.
  • The total daily value of traffic that a website ranked at #1 in Google could potentially achieve.
  • …and a whole lot more!

It makes it a whole lot easier to research keywords, and decide which ones to use.

Oh, and the Keyword Research tool is only one of the tools that come with Market Samurai.

As you can see in the pictures, they also have Rank Tracker, SEO Competition, Domains, Monetization, Find Content, Publish Content, and Promotion Tools.

I paid double the price you can now get it for…and still think it was a great deal. I strongly suggest taking a closer look at it this week, while it’s still on sale.

Get Market Samurai for $75 Now!

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