SkyBuilder Closing Tonight

Greg Jacobs - Sky Builder

Don’t you hate it when there is some launch and you get all worked up about a big “Cart Close” and rush to buy, only to find out that 4 days later there is some “reopening” that was already preplanned and you just feel really stupid for “falling for it”?

Well I can tell you that I just hear from Greg Jacobs, and there is no “reopen” planned. And if you know Greg’s reputation for impeccability in this industry, then you know this to be true.

The reality is that after a magnificent run, SkyBuilder is closing its doors on Sunday night. In fact when you go to the page you can see the countdown timer.

So the reality is that its time to get off the fence and I know that a few of you have splinters already from sitting so long.

You have until tonight, and then Greg is going to close it and then he is done. You will not be able to get it again and forever be left out.

It is time to make your decision. No more waiting. Here is your link. Choose well.

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