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Greg Jacobs - Sky Builder

So this guy emailed Greg last night how he was on vacation in Miami and walked into a local bar (with his mobile phone) and walked out with a $500 check and monthly service agreement of $97.

All from a 30 minute conversation with the bar owner based around his mobile phone.

I want you to read this testimonial sent to Greg Jacobs from Vincent from New Jersey who was in Miami for holiday when he thought he would try out this little trick.

“Anyway, I thought you’d like to know that you’re totally guilty of changing my business direction.

I was so impressed with SkyBuilder, I immediately created an app, installed it and headed down to my local beach bar in Miami…

So, there I was with ‘their’ app on my phone, and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing…

You were so right about the discussion.

They wanted to know how they could use it to boost their business. So I told them it was a method of putting basic info about their business in a customer’s hands (events, Facebook uploads, special invites, happy hours, promotions, offers, news etc.).

The idea of a push notification (with a coupon) showing up on all their local customer’s phones blew them away..

I figured 500 dollars for the app and then a monthly maintenance residual to include a number of push messages, site updates, etc.

Btw, I am starting a new marketing business for local businesses =)

Thanks again.”

Vincent, New Jersey

So I will save you the long winded pitch and if you want to use what Vincent was using and hopefully replicate his results, just go to the link below.

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