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NAMS Independence Week Webinars

I signed up to the NAMS Independence Week Webinars a few days ago…but didn’t want to tell you about them until I was able to see for myself how it was going to work.

I just finished watching the first live webinar, “Content Marketing: The Quickest Path to Entrepreneurial Freedom” by Jeff Herring, and all I have to say is wow!

It was an hour and a half long, and during that time Jeff gave a lot of great ideas to creating content. He told us why it was so important to have a lot of great content, gave us 3 content marketing genius tips, a template to use, and more.

If that wasn’t enough…during the webinar he had us create a piece of content right there on the spot! This was for the template he gave us to writing a certain type of content. He would tell us the next step, and then gives us a minute and a half to two minutes to write it. So by the time he finished giving us the template, we actually had a piece of content we could then use. So not only was the webinar informative, but we had a finished piece of work at the end of it…not bad for an hour and a half webinar, right?

So now that it’s over and I see what great quality it is, I wanted to share with you the series since there are still 9 more to go.

For the rest of this week (two a day), different speakers will be giving an hour and a half presentation on different topics. I strongly suggest you sign up for this, as you’ll not only learn a lot, but get some hands on practice as well!

Here are the speakers and topics:

  1. “Content Marketing: The Quickest Path to Entrepreneurial Freedom” with Jeff Herring
  2. “Pumping up Sales (and Commissions) with Pre-Selling Reports” with Kevin Riley
  3. “Creating Your Social Marketing Sandbox for Success” with Maria Gudelis & Tina Williams
  4. “Branding Basics – Designing your Independence with Social Marketing Branding Strategies” with Maria Gudelis & Tina Williams
  5. “How to Make Money on Demand with Email…Even if You’re Not a Writer” with Terry Dean
  6. “Have Wifi? Will Make Money!” with Nicole Dean
  7. “Traffic Patterns: The Best and Most Predictable Way to Get the Masses to Your Site” with Paul Evans
  8. “Finding Your Perfect Traffic: Learn to Leverage the Easiest Ways to Generate Traffic for Your Personality Type” with Joey Smith
  9. “Teach’em to Trust You – Create a Loyal Following That Will Buy Anything you Recommend” with Susanne Myers
  10. “Create Unstoppable Momentum from the Start!” with Connie Ragen Green

You don’t have to worry that you missed any, since they are all being recorded, and you can watch them whenever you want.

The reason you should hurry though, is that the price is only $77 right now while the webinars are going on, but the price will rise as soon as they finish at the end of the week.

Right now if you use code Celebrate, you get a discount of $120, so you just pay the $77. But after that, you’ll have to pay $97…and if you wait until after July 20th, you’ll have to pay the full price of $197!

After just watching the first one, I can tell you that the price of $77 is a steal.

There are also some really cool instructors gifts that I think you’ll like as well:

  • Lifetime Access to Niche Affiliate Marketing System 5 workshop
  • Deep 7’s Mission: To Unleash Your Massive Business Giant And Dominate Your Market!
  • Grab Attention, Build Your Relationship, and Make More Money With Storytelling Emails
  • Affiliate Shortcut: E-mail Marketing – Skyrocket Your Income Potential By Following This Simple Formula
  • How To Fuel Your Business With Facebook + Mobile + Pinterest
  • Develop the Mindset of a Successful Online Entreprenuer!
  • How to Sell Thousands $$$$ from the Platform!

I haven’t even started going through those yet…but I am really looking forward to that as well.

Again, I’ve only gone through the first webinar at this point, but I am really excited, and look forward to the rest of them. I hope you enjoy them as well!

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