Free Report: How to Curate Directions by Paul Clifford of Page One Curator

Over the past week or so, I’ve been talking about Paul Clifford’s new product, Page One Curator, and how it can help you with your website.

What I failed to mention however, was exactly how you can curate your blog…step by step, and why it will help you.

Luckily, Paul Clifford has done a very good job of explaining it himself, in a free report he wrote, Getting Started With Curation.

If you want to know exactly what blog curation is, or how you can do it yourself (including how to set up the posts), you’re going to want this free report. He makes it very simple to understand, and follow his directions.

I should know…I just finished reading it, and really liked it!

You don’t have to buy anything, or even opt-in for anything. You can get the free report right now, and learn how to curate your blogs starting in just minutes!

Get your Free Report on Getting Started With Curation Now!

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