Local Income System Training – Why 90% of Local Consultants “Fail”

Local Income System

I write “fail” in quotes, because I don’t necessarily mean “go out of business”, but rather that 90% will fail to achieve their goals.

Why do I say this?

Many of us have seen this before…a mad rush to get into what is an exciting new field, followed by a wave of frustrated business owners that weren’t accomplishing the goals they set when they started their business.

What went wrong?

They never developed a repeatable system for getting new clients.

I am now seeing that this is also the #1 problem facing most in our industry today, which is why Jeff has started scheduling a series of webinars and workshops dedicated to addressing this problem for you.

I’m truly excited to announce the first FREE Web Workshop with Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt.

Like I announced previously, it happened on Tuesday…and Jeff wasn’t going to allow anyone who didn’t attend to watch it, but he was nice enough to allow people to watch the replay for the next few days.

Herschy be presenting his repeatable system for growing your business — and closing those hard-fought deals.

You’ll want to rinse and repeat this process over and over and over again.

I love it because it takes advantage of a combination of proven direct marketing strategies and automated technology – two things I believe MUST be in any good sales system.

And it’s laid out step-by-step, so even a complete “Local Newbie” with limited technical skills can make this work.

On this training, you learn how to:

  • Target High Value Clients Eager and Stampeding Over The Competition To Spend Money With You
  • Pre-Qualify Any Local Business Lead To Never Waste a Moment Of Your Time
  • Implement A Simple 2 Step Pre-Qualification Process That Removes All The Heavy Lifting On Your Part
  • Automate the Closing Process – No Need to Talk To Your Clients Until After Purchase
  • Show Value Upfront with Absolutely No Real “Work” Using A Proven “Plug and Play” System
  • Properly Position Yourself As An Authority To Easily Close $500, $1,500 or Even $5,000 A Month Deals

This isn’t some “trick” to get prospects to pay attention to you.

It’s a proven, scalable process – a SYSTEM – that’s extremely simple to duplicate and takes advantage of a variety of marketing fundamentals that everyone should be using at their business.

You’ll learn exactly how to do it by watching below.

This free replay won’t be around for long so make sure you watch it now!

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