Andy Fletcher’s Plugin Resell Rights – Almost Over

Digi Plugin Rights Live Andy Fletcher

This could be your last chance…

Andy Fletcher’s plugin rights sale has been going like absolute gangbusters, and there’s not many left.

If you want to snap up the single best money-making opportunity you’re going to have all year, you’d better move fast.

You’re going to have full rebrand and resale rights to some of the BEST WordPress plugins on the market, but that’s not all.

You’ll also have:

  • Rights to the full code base so you can change the plugins however you like.
  • Sales copy written by Andy’s very own $10,000 copywriter (and when you see how these things convert, you’ll know how the guy can charge so much!)
  • Pre-written support replies so you can farm all customer queries out to your VA.
  • You’re even guaranteed an update to WordPress v3.4 when it comes out, so you’ve got built-in future-proofing.

But if you don’t take action soon, your chance is going to be lost, so hurry up and click below now.

Even if you’re not ready to make a decision like this, you should check out Andy’s website… he’s laid bare some of the most important stuff he’s learned about building a 7-figure business, and it’ll definitely help you build yours.

Check it out now:

Get Digi Plugin Rights Now!

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