Digi Plugin Rights by Andy Fletcher

Digi Plugin Rights Live Andy Fletcher

This is the most important thing Andy Fletcher said in his recent video series…

“INVEST in your business. If you’re not prepared to invest, it’s never going to give you the lifestyle you want.”

Andy invested by spending a LOT of time building up a hot plugin range that’s since brought him over $1,000,000.

And now here’s your chance to do the same thing, except you get to own these plugins in minutes rather than months.

But there’s one thing he DIDN’T mention, that I was quite surprised about…

See, if you’re going to sell products, you’ll need traffic, and Andy rightly recommended affiliate traffic. It’s highly targeted and risk-free for you.

But what he didn’t say was just how easy it’s going to be to get affiliates to promote these products.

Every one has an average EPC of more than $1.30. Most products struggle to make that as a MAXIMUM, and these babies pull that in as an AVERAGE.

Show that figure to affiliates, and they’ll come running. No questions asked.

Check this out now.

Now, fair warning… these rights aren’t cheap. But they ARE amazing value. As far as I’m concerned, any one of these plugins should be worth $10,000 even to an IM newbie, and this is your chance to pick up 4 of them for far less than that.

Believe me, ANYONE serious about building a product-focused IM business will be jumping on this.

So don’t miss out on this amazing chance – it’s not going to happen again. Click below now.

Only 250 rights packages are available, so you’d better get in fast… frankly, if ANY are left over after this launch period is up, it’s a sad reflection on us as businesspeople.

Pick up your copy now:

Get Digi Plugin Rights Now!

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