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Push Button SEO Review

I’ve owned Push Button SEO a little over a week now, and Brian G. Johnson released the plugin a little bit before that.

Now that I’ve had a chance to use it, I wanted to tell you more about what I like about the plugin, and share what Brian doesn’t really mention – all of the training that you get with it!

The Push Button SEO Plugin is great. I can already see that it has changed the way that I write my blog posts. I am more careful to use my keywords in certain places, I’ve started using headings more often, etc.

I’ve definitely noticed that little by little, my posts are getting more green bars when I write my post, before I make any changes, so that’s always good.

But the amazing plugin isn’t even all you get with Push Button SEO.

Push Button SEO Training:

When you buy the Push Button SEO plugin, you also get a lot of training, much of which isn’t even mentioned in the sales letter. Brian definitely over delivers here. Just to give you a taste of what you get inside Push Button SEO:

  • Plugin Training – Videos going over each part of the Push Button SEO plugin. Don’t worry about not knowing what something in the plugin means. Brian has a specific video for almost every single feature inside of Push Button SEO! He explains what to do, and even better, why to do it.
  • Extended Training – Not only do you get training on how to use the plugin, but you get more video training on other highly sought after information, such as:
    • How Brian gets top Google rankings
    • Google Panda & Rankings
    • Google on Duplicate Content
    • Recommended WordPress Plugins
    • …and a lot more videos!
  • Webinar Replays on helpful topics, such as Google Panda, and producing great content.
  • The Push Button SEO Forum – where you can ask questions, and see what others have to say!

I now have Push Button SEO on most of my blogs. Why not all of them? Only because I haven’t gotten around to it yet…I will have it installed on all of them eventually. But the blogs I am currently posting on all have the plugin…and I am always using it.

I really believe that this will help me get better SEO, and therefore get more traffic. I’m still surprised that Brian is charging as little as he is for it! (I purchased the middle option – so that I can put it on up to 50 of my websites.)

Once again, I’m using it as I write this post…and now that the post is almost finished, I hit analyze again, and see quite a few green bars!  I still have to fix a few things…but that’s what the plugin is for.  To tell me what I need to fix so that I can have better SEO.

Go now before the price goes up…and get your Push Button SEO Plugin and the Push Button SEO Training that comes with it.


P.S. I heard that Brian took an entire 5 month-long SEO course and crammed it into this simple plugin that just tells you what to tweak to get top rankings. Is that even possible?

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