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Pinup Pro

Pinterest is huge these days…so getting something that will help you get more targeted traffic with Pinterest would be huge, right?

Enter Pinup Pro, a new WordPress plugin by Damien Rufus.

How does it work? Well this is what normally happens:

You put up a hot image on your blog, it gets pinned, and then it gets shared hopefully hundreds of times, giving you huge amounts of targeted traffic.

And any time someone clicks that image, they’re sent straight to your blog.

You’ve got over 11,000,000 unique visitors just waiting to come banging on your door!

But wait one minute, how do you get people to pin your image in the first place?

Easy. Use this plugin.

Damien Rufus has just released a cutting edge WordPress Plugin that will revolutionize the way you drive traffic…and all using Pinterest.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll be able to do with this plugin:

  • Add a one click ‘pin me’ buttons that make people pin your image without a second thought.
  • Arm your blog images with hover tags encouraging your traffic to pin.
  • Take advantage of the river of traffic just waiting to be channeled toward your blog.
  • Embed any URL so that you can use affiliate links to send people to websites and you’ll make money!
  • Learn how to pin videos!

So if you’ve been trying to figure out how to use Pinterest to make money…and wanted to know the easy way to do it, you’ve got to check out Pinup Pro.

Note: Damien’s running this WSO as a dimesale, so make sure you get in as fast as possible… right now the price is RIDICULOUSLY low but it won’t stay that way for long:

Get Pinup Pro Now!

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