Push Button SEO – This Free New Plugin Makes SEO Seriously Simple

Push Button SEO

Anyone who ever said that using SEO is the easy way to get traffic is lying to you. If you’ve ever tried to get a site to rank in Google, you know it’s definitely NOT easy. It’s a LOT of work.

Boring, stupid work, that you probably don’t want to be doing.

But the fact is, for many people starting out in Internet Marketing, search traffic is all they can afford. Love it or hate it, we NEED it. That’s why I think this video is pretty cool.

Watch SEO expert Brian G. Johnson basically go nuts and reveal the biggest problems he hate about SEO.

Uhh, yeah. Kind of weird that an SEO expert hates SEO, right? He DOES make some great points though.

But I’ll spoil the ending for you! He’s also created a WordPress plugin that FIXES all the things we all hate about SEO. No more confusion, frustration, or doubt.

It’s like having your own private SEO expert plugged directly into your site. Whenever you need it, there he is, telling you what to tweak and when.

Oh yeah, and it’s free.

I thought you’d want to grab it yourself before Brian stops being so nice.

I’ve personally seen other plugins like this one cost $100 or more – this one is free – for now. So go grab it!

Get Your Free SEO Plugin Now!

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