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Social Metrics Pro

Since the recent Panda updates, Google has put a lot of effort into tracking Social Signals. Believe it or not, Social Signals now influence more and more first page rankings on search engines. Google as well as Bing have begun tracking social signals in order to rank websites in search results. In other words, if your site is not visible in the top social networks, you may not get the best results out of your current SEO efforts. Streamlining your social media marketing efforts early on will help you reap long term benefits.

The first step is to find out where you stand currently. Social Metrics Pro will give you a quick snapshot of your current position. Make a social media plan of action. Use the social media marketing plan from the last email as a guide. Then, you should make it a point to track your progress on a regular basis. Unless you track and measure your progress, you will not be able to refine and redirect your efforts in the right place. This is where Social Metrics Pro can come in handy again.

In my opinion, social media analytics need not be complicated. Hence Daniel Tan created Social Metrics Pro to give you the information you need without unnecessarily complicating things. With Social Metrics Pro, it’ll be like a breeze even if you are an absolute beginner. Social Metrics Pro will give you the much needed insights into your social presence across leading social networks. Once you install the Social Metrics Pro plugin, you will be able to track tweets, likes, +1s, stumbles, diggs and LinkedIn shares for all your posts. You’ll be able to do this conveniently from within your WordPress admin area.

Use Social Metrics Pro to identify your most popular posts on the social networks. Find out which social networks work best for you and which of your posts/pages are performing the best for you. Sort and filter the data as you like. Perform custom search queries and analyze posts and pages related to certain keywords. Posts with highest number of shares show up green. Posts with low social media activity show up amber and red. Your job is to simply turn reds to greens using social media marketing techniques we already discussed in this course.

Doing this is also going to be a sheer fun! Seeing greens everywhere is just magical. When you have everything in green, you will see magic happening to your site. Increased traffic, more keywords ranked, better overall ranking and definitely, more revenues and so on.

If you haven’t done already, go ahead and get your copy of Social Metrics Pro. Start turning the reds to greens and you will be thrilled with your results. Here’s wishing you all the very best with your social media endeavors.

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