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In previous posts, I’ve talked a lot about how sites like Groupon are HUGE this year. People love getting a deal, so many daily deal sites are doing really well right now, especially in this economy.

What if you had your very on site like Groupon? Do you think you would make a lot of money off of it? If you had a great niche idea, sure you could!

Of course…this is where you may start wondering about all of the work that comes with it: where do you find the deals, how do you create the website, etc… And having all of that done for you would cost a LOT of money.


WRONG! Hollis Carter and Marc Horne, the guys over at Daily Deal Builder have an AMAZING deal for you if you watch their free webinar. They have a regular price, which I think is still a great price for what you’re getting…but if you watch their free Daily Deal Builder webinar, they’ll offer you a really great deal at the end, slashing their regular price!

As a matter of fact, here’s what you’ll get with Daily Deal Builder from their webinar only special:

  • The full Daily Deal Site License, along with every feature you need to run a successful group buying or daily deal site, even if you have no technical skills or prior experience.
  • Step by step training and tutorials for set up, customizations, marketing, sales, traffic, and more.
  • Blueprint to Success (a step by step manual).
  • Daily Deal Feed – they find the deals, and you get affiliate commissions on remarkable offers that convert well.
  • HC Traffic Pro – their amazing SEO software tool that they use themselves for all of their SEO and content traffic.
  • Hosting – the first month is free.
  • Your very own virtual assistant free for the first month, about 40 hours. Think about how much that will help you right there!
  • Amazing support team to answer all of your questions, and help you become successful.

…and again, you’ll be really surprised at how low the price is.

If you’ve ever even considered starting your own daily deal site, I strongly suggest you sign up for this webinar now!

Get your Free Training Now!

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