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The Masters Gathering Teleseries

Harrison Klein has two powerhouse experts coming up next week on the NEW Masters Gathering 2012!

And you’re invited to join him for free. It doesn’t cost you anything.

Imagine having 60 of the world’s most powerful trainers, visionaries, healers and manifesters on your own personal mastermind team.

They are there to help you see what is possible in your life, to give you the tools to recreate the life you want, and to help you become the person you know you can be.

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On Tuesday, Feb. 28th, you can Escape the Money Traps of Scarcity, Superstition and Survival Mode with Rev. Karen Russo.

Too many smart, spiritually connected, talented individuals are blocked by anxieties, resentments, and overwhelm in their money lives. Karen Russo believes these struggles are not necessary— and certainly don’t lead to masterful personal, spiritual and financial success!

In this provocative conversation, you’ll discover:

  • Why ‘money issues’ just don’t magically disappear for many spiritual seekers
  • The 3 money traps that keep you anxious, angry and overwhelmed about money.
  • How to apply 3 universal spiritual principles and practical tools to overcome those challenges immediately so you can access peace of mind, creative freedom and financial order!

Karen Russo is Your Spiritual Guide in Wealth Creation. She’s the award-winning author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power, endorsed by her teachers Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Loral Langemeier, T. Harv Eker, and Katherine Woodward Thomas with a forward by Bob Proctor.

With her unusual blend of experience as an MBA from Columbia University, an accomplished corporate trainer, top selling salesperson, and an ordained interfaith minister, Karen shares insights from over 25 years of spiritual and secular success.

And, on Thursday, Mar. 1st, your audience will hear from featured teacher in The Secret Bob Doyle, CEO of Boundless Living, Inc., and author of the #1 best-selling book “Follow Your Passion – Find Your Power”. Since 2002, Bob has been teaching principles of Living Life by Design utilizing the principles of the Law of Attraction.

His Wealth Beyond Reason program has long been recognized as one of the most complete and usable online curriculums in the Law of Attraction, and gained the attention of the producers of the film and book “The Secret”, in which Bob was one of the featured teachers.

In this provocative conversation, you’ll discover:

  • Why Bob is shifting more attention to the topic of passion over simply education in the law of attraction.
  • What passion is and why and how you’ve become disconnected to it.
  • Why living a life of passion make the LOA work without effort of techniques.

Step into the sweetness of your best life imaginable.

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