Backlink Leverage – How to make One Backlink do the Work of Ten

Backlink Leverage

Renowned SEO hotshot Andy Fletcher has just launched a brand new report called Backlink Leverage.

Backlink Leverage is one of Andy’s top backlink building techniques, all written up and presented as an easy A-B-C step-by-step guide.

But like everything Andy does, this goes the extra mile.

It doesn’t just tell you how to build more backlinks, he lays out a method for making those backlinks work harder.

So you’ve not only got more backlinks working for you, they’re also driving LOADS more traffic.

For instance, one thing he talks about is the 4 rules of creating controversy, which is a good way of getting traffic to your blog…

(He’s probably going to be a bit annoyed I spilled this for free, but hey…)

  • Have an opinion (reading neutral stuff is boring… but people like to read stuff they agree with and feel compelled to if they don’t!)
  • Don’t go overboard (admittedly, this ones fairly obvious – be too offensive, people don’t come back. Andy’s got one neat example of someone who went a *bit* too far…)
  • Be outrageous (the trick is to be provocative without crossing the line)
  • Inspire passion (there’s a cool case study about a guy Andy works with, and how you could get him so riled up he would be forced to go look at your blog)

Of course, it covers rather more than just that… it’s a whole system to make your content work harder at bringing you backlinks and traffic.

Not just how you syndicate, but WHAT you syndicate.

I know it’s going to completely change the way I do syndication (there was some stuff I was missing that was so simple! I couldn’t believe it when I read it…) and if you’re running a blog I can pretty much guarantee it’s going to rock your world.

Here’s just a few of the other things you’ll find:

  • What to syndicate to pull in the maximum amount of traffic into your blog (and I’ll give you a clue – if you’re syndicating the whole article, you’re missing a trick.)
  • How you can get the most out of your content, and how some companies are already using this trick on you.
  • The five types of syndication that will let you tap into vast wells of traffic.
  • How the world’s top copywriters compel their prospects to take action, and how you can do the same thing in your blog posts.

Not only that, Andy’s found free software you can use for pretty much the whole process, and he shows you where to find it and how to use it, step by step.

Backlink Leverage is available to the public for $37, but just for launch Andy’s made it available as a WSO so you can get it at a massive 70% discount.

This offer’s only going to be around for 3 weeks, so grab it now!

Get Backlink Leverage Now!

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