Power Leads Pro X – Get Targeted Leads the Easy Way!

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about Matt Iannotti’s phenomenal new software, PowerLeadsProX. Have you turned the key in your own Leads Harvesting Powerhouse yet?

The copies are flying off of the shelves as people discover the incredible power that this software brings tot he table, and it’s imperative that you take a look while there’s still time.

You know as well as I do that the lifeblood of our business is a steady stream of new customer leads. And if you’re working with clients as a consultant, the ability to bring them new business is even more valuable!

Power Leads Pro X makes the process of gathering laser targeted leads as easy as pushing a few keys. Simply input a keyword or keyphrase, set your regional and country targeting, decide on your source (Google, Yahoo, Craigslist, etc.) and hit “Start”. Then sit back and watch as the software does the rest, including sending custom, personalized emails via whatever mailing systems you set up.

I could go on for several pages about all of the insane feature that this software incorporates, but it’s already been done, and you can go over there and see it for yourself.

I bet a lot of your competition is using the “Suite” level! If not, they will be soon, once they see the easy power of this system.

So it’s time to act. Get over there and see what all the ruckus is about, and start your harvest today!

Remember, Matt’s totally transparent reputation and 7 day guarantee fully protects you, and puts all of the risk on him! So don’t delay…get in on this and give it a try while it’s still available.

Get Power Leads Pro X Now!

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