Authority Formula – Here’s Why Social Media Works!

If you want proof that social media is powerful, this is a great example.

Greg Habstritt published a series of free training videos and PDFs last week, and only intended to leave them up for a few days.

They created a HUGE buzz and generated more than 5,000 comments – in just a few days.

And then he took them down…and riot ensued!

He got thousands of comments, Facebook messages, emails, and tweets asking him to put them back up.

I’m serious.

So, he’s released the training again.

This just goes to show how powerful social media is, and that you have to listen to what your market really ants.

And it helps that this free content is incredibly good – better than most stuff you pay for. You can see it for yourself below.

Wait until you see how much this guy is giving away! I don’t know how long it’s going to be up this time, so grab it now while you can.

Watch the Free Authority Formula Video Now!

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