SEO Business Box – Bonus

Daniel is going to give you a bonus worth $10,000….but first let me tell you what you get with SEO Business Box:

  1. The Proven Process – He’ll give you all the good, bad, and beautiful of starting and running your very own SEO business. He’ll guide you along the whole way through.
  2. Branding – He’ll show you how to create an appealing name for your company, and set up your company domain name as well.
  3. The Trade Secrets – Here’s the juicy part – He’ll cover all of the important aspects of SEO, from on page leverage to off page optimization, utilizing everything and anything in their extensive arsenal to let you dominate your local competition and come out on top.
  4. The Veteran Process Revealed – The material that they give you here is worth $495, and will give you a head start to get an insider’s glimpse at how the big guns perfect their SEO art. This is not just the basic SEO stuff, (although you get that as well), but he gives you the best and most advanced strategies.
  5. The 2 Pillars Exposed – Learn about Link Acceleration and Link Velocity, and how they can juice up your backlinking campaigns.
  6. Presentable Whitehat Backlinking – How to use blogs and web 2.0 sites and many less discussed sources to build unlimited amounts of backlinks.
  7. PageRank Debunked – Learn the myth about PageRank.
  8. Sandbox Misunderstandings and Exploits – The Google Sandbox effect: will too many backlinks hurt my site’s ranking? The true answer may very well surprise you.
  9. Abundance of Clients Sources – Finding potential clients in real life a hassle? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, he’ll address this issue with a simple action plan that is so easy in its implementation, yet is guaranteed to bring you people that you want to start your business.
  10. Getting Online Clients – How about finding clients and projects on the web? They’ll show you how to do that too! He found that the key to gaining new clients and earning their trust is your mindset.
  11. Pricing Models and how to Charge The – Pricing models are given an in-depth analysis. He gives you available options to let you decide for yourself which best suits your needs.
  12. Outsource Everything so you do Nothing! This is critically important for expansion, and he’ll show you how to do it!
  13. …and so much more.

Now for your bonus. You get:

  1. Independent Contractors Agreement Template
  2. Services Agreement Template

These legal documents can cost up to $10,000 if you were to hire a lawyer to draft them! This is what many people have paid to get their copy.

I know, you can’t really run an SEO business without agreements for your clients to sign, so you can use these documents to have a ready-made professional agreement to sell.

If you have been thinking of setting up an SEO company to start making money, then this is a course that you do not want to miss.

When you buy this, you are covered by his 60-day money back guarantee. That means there is no risk on your part.

Now, at this point you’re probably thinking – OK…is this course $1,000 or $2,000…or even higher? I have some incredible news. It’s only $77.00. You’ll get everything you need to start your own SEO business for just $77.00. How is that for surprising?

Don’t wait too long though. Prices will increase once all the introductory offers have been grabbed.

Get SEO Business Box Now!

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