The Affiliate Tribe – Get IN with the Big Names (Free Video & Exercise)

If you want other big name experts and leaders to promote you, and help sell your products, events, and more…

Yet you wonder, why would they pay attention to you…someone who doesn’t have a big list, and can’t offer much in return…

Well, Max Simon just released a fun and content rich free video to show you why.

In it, he also gives you a really powerful exercise that shows you how to “get in” with the big name experts…even if you don’t know them yet.

For now, you can get it for free!

He also dives into “The 4 absolutely essential ingredients of a highly effective partnership program”.

This breaks down exactly what you need in order to partner with others in a very easy to follow, step by step system.

So if you’re looking to get other big name experts to promote you, and help you sell your products and events, you should watch this free video – and make sure you try the free exercise as well!

Get Your Free Training Now!

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