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What is ArbiCash?


ArbiCash is a really neat system that you can use to make money online that you probably haven’t heard about before.

It’s a course that teaches you a system of using Native advertising to obtain traffic, and how to monetize that traffic with Native ads or other ads such as AdSense. In other words, it’s a system of digital arbitrage.

Digital arbitrage is a time tested business principle used in many diverse industries for taking advantage of differences in prices. In this case, it’s about taking advantage of the difference in the price of ads. Native advertising arbitragers are acquiring insanely cheap traffic, and monetizing that traffic with ads that pay out more than what they’re spending to get that traffic.

Native ads are advertisements that are made to blend in with the natural content of the website they’re on. Sometimes they are made to look like links to news articles, and may take many different forms such as promotional articles and other pieces of paid content.

Native ads are used by thousands of the biggest online publishers, including sites like CNN, Forbes, Newsweek, Time, NBC ABC, ESPN, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Mashable, Yahoo, and People Magazine.

What’s awesome about this model is that it’s scalable. You can start small and as you start earning money, scale it to very large amounts. On the sales page you’ll see a case study of a large website that makes about $100,000 per month of profit. You’ll also see a case study of how Jeff made $900 of profits in less than a month from 4 simple articles.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, since this is a paid traffic business model, you’ll be paying for traffic. But since it’s scalable, you can start small. Also, in the course, Jeff shows you how to get traffic for mere pennies.

You will need a website, but the course shows you how to create a simple website using WordPress, and how to create very simple content for it. You don’t require any prior experience.

I recommend checking this out and taking a look at the case studies now, before the price goes up, because I think you’ll find them very interesting! While I’ve seen Native ads on many different websites, I had no idea that I could use them to make money. It’s a really cool concept.

If you think so too, check it out:

Watch the ArbiCash Case Studies Now!

Internet Marketing Clinic – Special Weekend Offer!

Internet Marketing Clinic

If you’re getting stressed just thinking about your business, you need to come up with ways to start earning as much money as you need to.

There are 4 different areas that are vital to master in order to stop you from being “stuck” with stress and not enough profits.

…and most people are messing them up, which is why they fail to make a real income online.

These are:

  • Traffic
  • List Building
  • Conversion
  • Scaling

Omar and Melinda Martin from The Internet Marketing Clinic will show you exactly what you need to know about these 4 areas with some never seen before training specifically designed to get you UN-stuck and back on the path to profits.

On your own, you’re likely to stay at the same level, or get lost in the confusion and actually end up going backwards.

You need to learn from people who have already learned how to do this, and are continuing to do well online. The CTO and co-owner of JVZoo said that Omar and Melinda are one of their most consistent on the platform.

Finally learn these 4 different areas and get your business where you want it to be.

This is only available through the weekend, so don’t put it off. Start moving to the next level and get UN-stuck now:

Check Out the Internet Marketing Clinic Now!

You won’t believe all of the extra benefits you’ll get as well. It’s way too long to list.

Best Sellers Summit: What an Awesome Agenda!

Best Sellers Summit 2017

This week, I’ve been talking about the Best Sellers Summit, a virtual event where you can learn how to grow you list and make more sales.

If you’ve wanted to create your first book or first info product, this is your chance to learn how and get some great tips.

In fact, here are just some of the things that are going to be taught during the 4-day summit:

  • How to build instant and lasting authority in your niche
  • How to overcome your indecisive slump and take profitable action
  • Growing your continuity income with membership sites
  • Take your book’s message further by repurposing your content
  • Working with a publisher to boost your credibility and sell more books
  • Building a 3K a month business in a virtually ignored Amazon category
  • Writing and publishing a best-selling children’s book in 7 days or less
  • Using the power of book series to sell more and boost your authority
  • A case study on becoming the #1 book on Amazon in 9 hours flat
  • Simple Facebook Ad tweaks to get more exposure and reduce your ad costs dramatically
  • Creating a self-publishing empire on Amazon, without doing any writing
  • Effortlessly bringing additional income beyond your books
  • Kindle-selling secrets of an 18-year old with a 5-figure monthly Amazon business
  • Another case study of breaking the top 40 books on Amazon, in ALL categories
  • Creating your own books and ebooks in 3 hours flat…or less!
  • Using public domain content to create profitable Kindle books
  • How to get more book reviews, WITHOUT cheating the system or raising any flags
  • Growing your mailing list through your book sales

What an agenda! I don’t know about you, but there are a lot of great things above that can definitely help you income.

Just don’t forget, through the weekend, you can get a specially priced All Access Pass that gives you access to all of the recordings, transcripts, notes, and PowerPoint slides. Get it before it’s too late!

Get Your Ticket to the Best Sellers Summit Now!

Get Your Ticket for the Best Sellers Summit Now!

Best Sellers Summit 2017

Earlier this week, I was talking about how to make sure you achieve your goals this year, like writing your book, or creating your first info product.

What if I told you that you could get great tips from 17 people who are already doing these things?

They’ll show you how to get more traffic, make more sales, and accomplish your goals.

It’s called the Best Sellers Summit, and you can get a ticket now to join them!

It’s online, so you don’t have to go anywhere. You can watch from the comfort of your own home.

For just one small fee, you’ll get access to the words of wisdom from top notch experts such as:

  • John Rhodes
  • Connie Ragen Green
  • David Hancock
  • Greg Cesar
  • Jay Boyer
  • Kristen Joy
  • Matt Bacak
  • Ben Adkins
  • Ty Cohen
  • Nicole Dean
  • Temper Thompson
  • Brad Gosse
  • Jim Edwards
  • Daniel Hall
  • Bryan Cohen

…and of course, the summit co-founders, Ron Douglas and Alice Seba. Many of their attendees declare the 2016 summit a “life changing event” and “best seminar” they have ever attended, so go see what you’re missing out on!

Just don’t forget, through the weekend, you can get a specially priced All Access Pass that gives you access to all of the recordings, transcripts, notes, and PowerPoint slides. Get it before it’s too late!

Get Your Ticket to the Best Sellers Summit Now!

More about Making Sure You Get Your Book or Info Product Completed in 2017

Best Sellers Summit 2017 Free Training

In my last post, we talked about making sure that you get your book or info product published this year, and I hope those tips gave you something to think about.

Today, I wanted to talk a little more about the first point, which is about setting goals.

Here’s the tip if you missed it:

“Set a goal with an end date, and create real actionable steps to get you there. A lot of people like the idea of writing a book or info product, but then get overwhelmed and never get anywhere. Since they didn’t have a deadline, they come up with excuses, and it never gets done.”

Here are some great tips I got from super smart online publishing mentors Ron Douglas who happens to be a New York Times Best Selling Author, and veteran content marketing expert, Alice Seba.

  1. Work on one big project at a time. It’s easy to get distracted by a ton of great ideas, but working on one big project at a time, ensures you can stay focused and get it done. It sounds simple enough, but the world of online publishing is filled with great ideas…so you have to keep your eyes on the prize.Whenever new ideas come to you, put them in a notebook. It doesn’t matter if it’s a virtual notebook or you do it on old-school paper, have a way to keep your ideas organized.
  2. Set a firm launch date and make it public. This is a BIG ONE. If you tell yourself you’re going to finish your book by March 1st, for example and you keep it to yourself, there’s not much to keep you accountable. But if you tell your mailing list that they can expect to buy your book on a specific date, it forces you to be accountable.Add to that, if you say they can buy your book or info product on a specific date, that means you have to have EVERYTHING in place. Not just the writing, but the product has to actually be for SALE. That’s motivating!
  3. Realize that you don’t have to be perfect. It’s the biggest trap for online publishers…seeking perfection. Well, we’d say perfection doesn’t really exist and it really should be called procrastination.Yes, it’s important to get a quality product out to your audience, but we are our toughest critics. Sometimes our plans are more ambitious than is practical, so we need to adjust. So if you were writing a book, perhaps you could turn it into a series, so you can get your first book out on time. And hey, a series is likely to be more profitable than a single book anyway!

It’s smart advice, I’d say. It’s how Ron became a New York Times Best Selling author who has sold over 1.5 million books. It’s also how Alice has been able to release well over 500 products in her online career. In short, these two are an inspiration who have a combined total of over 30 years of online publishing experience.

One really cool thing that Ron and Alice do each year is assemble a line up of other online publishing experts each January, so you can get those books and products out there. They carefully select all of their speakers and only work with those who share real-life strategies based on their own experiences.

We’ll talk more about that soon.

Until then…

If you’re looking for more free training about getting your book done, check this out…

For the next few days, you can get “Write Your Book in 30 Days With Just 1 Hour’s Work Per Day” for FREE!

It’s a great resource to getting your book done if you don’t have a lot of time.

The only problem is you can only get it for the next few days (as of this writing), so please don’t miss out!

Get Your Free “Write Your Book in 30 Days with Just 1 Hour’s Work Per Day” Training Now!

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