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Could You Write a Sales Letter in a Day (or Less)?

Write a Sales Letter In A Day

Over the weekend, I got a chance to download and look at Dennis Becker’s latest product, “How to Write a Sales Letter in Just One Day.” (I didn’t have to pay for it, since I’m in his Earn1KaDay membership, so I get access to all of his products.)

Even though I didn’t pay for it, I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was! I would have definitely paid for this.

Over the weekend, I took the time to read it. It wasn’t all that long, only 51 pages.

If you’ve been too intimidated to write a sales letter, this will help you.

Dennis goes step by step telling you what you need in order to write a sales letter that will convert. He goes through each section, telling you what should be there.

Then, he goes through what you should do if you were going to write a sales letter in 8 hours. He tells you exactly how you should spend your time.

What I really thought was great was the section where he told you how you could write a sales letter in just 2 hours!

I definitely don’t like writing sales letters. I stare at an empty (or almost empty) page and wonder how I’m going to fill it up convincing someone why my product is so great. I mean, I know it is, but after looking at so many other sales letters, it just seems hard to do!

This afternoon, I plan on using his template to continue writing the sales letter I started last week. If you’re writing a sales letter, or plan to soon, I strongly suggest you get this book.

Don’t be worried that since the price is so low that the content isn’t worth it. Dennis is known for over delivering – and I am 100% sure you’ll get use out of this (as long as you’re writing a sales letter of course.)

Get your copy now, and learn how to write sales copy that converts in a day – or less!

Get “How to Write a Sales Letter in Just One Day” Now!

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