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What’s Included in the Better Than Black Friday Sale!

Better Than Black Friday Sale

Yesterday I mentioned how this year, instead of doing a Black Friday Webinar where you had to be on the webinar all day to get the good deals, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos are doing a weekend long “Better Than Black Friday Sale” where you can get great deals on products now throughout the weekend.

It just started, and I wanted to share what products you’ll get great deals on:

  • WP Enlighten (1 FREE license, regularly $99.95 for a 3-site license)
  • 6 Figure Baby ($4.95, regularly $39.95)
  • Webinar Pitch Secrets ($9.95, regularly $49.95)
  • WP Secure Pro 2.0 ($29.95, regularly $49.95)
  • Content Forever ($44.95, regularly $99.95)
  • Absolute Productivity ($29.95, regularly $49.95)
  • 7 Minute Articles ($24.95, regularly $39.95)
  • Domain Clout ($1, then $49.95/mo, regularly $79.95/mo)
  • WP Squeeze Pro ($49.95, regularly $97)
  • Click Click Letters ($19.95, regularly $49.95)
  • Ecover Wizard Pro ($22.95 for 1 year, regularly $19.95/mo)
  • 6 in 6 coaching ($299.95, regularly $582)
  • Webinar Legend ($149.95, regularly $479.95)
  • WP Split Tester Pro ($29.95, regularly $99.95)
  • WP Twin ($79.95, regularly $297)
  • Double Your Productivity for Life ($19.95, regularly $39.95)
  • …and more!

These are some incredible products…and I can’t believe how low the prices are.

If you want some great deals on some really good content that you’ll learn a lot from, check it out now:

See What You Want from the Better Than Black Friday Sale!

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