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Tshirt Ad Builder – The Most Powerful Tshirt Ad Builder Ever

TShirt Ad Builder

Are you ready to save money, time, and increase the conversions and profitability of every T-Shirt campaign you create?

If so, then you are going to absolutely LOVE this new revolutionary newsfeed and ‘right side’ t-shirt ad campaign builder called: “T Shirt Ad Builder”.

No more hunting down a graphic designer only to pay them and wait weeks for a design that doesn’t convert.

No more fumbling around with some graphics program like Photoshop and wasting endless hours to create your own ad graphics.

With TShirt Ad Builder, you can create professional quality ads that convert in just minutes…with no design skills required!

As a matter of fact, it’s 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Choose a Template
  2. Edit Template
  3. Upload Your Ad

Just look at these Benefits:

  • Tons of professional templates to choose from – multiple niches to choose from, fully customizable and editable so that you can easily change the t-shirt image, background image, border size, border color, and much more!
  • Automatic t-shirt image importing – simply paste your t-shirt URL and hit the import button. Your specific t-shirt image is automatically imported with the background image removed so you get a professional ad every single time!
  • High quality image library included – dozens of high quality images can be added to your ad at the click of a button making your ads stand out and your prospect take action!
  • Multiple ad types supported – easily create any type of ad you like – newsfeed ads, right side ads, AND 3 different sized retargeting banners…all in a matter of minutes!
  • Complete video training – showing you EXACTLY how to create amazing ads fast!

It’s the ONLY tool you ever again use to create Facebook Ads!

And here’s a big secret bonus tip: Every component of these ads are 100% editable, so that in reality, you can create any type of ad you like, to promote ANYTHING – NOT just t-shirts.

There’s a special this week only…so make sure you watch the demo video and get it here:

Get Tshirt Ad Builder Now!

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