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What Happens in Vegas Changes Everything 2013 Seminar Book Now Available

Dennis Becker 2013 Seminar Book

This past July, Dennis Becker put on another “Earn1KaDay Seminar” in Las Vegas.

This time, 14 people put on great presentations….and now you can get the “What Happens in Vegas…Changes Everything” book that came out of the seminar.

You’ll get all the great notes that were taken at the presentation…and you won’t believe the price.

Here are the presentations you’ll get notes from:

  • Wilson Mattos – “Why You Will Fail Trying to Make Money Online…and How to Succeed”
  • Barbara Ling – “How to Transition from PUSH Marketing to PULL Marketing”
  • Connie Ragen Green – “Taking Your Business to the Next Level”
  • Chris Miyamoto – (Bonus Presentation) on How to Run Local Meetup Groups
  • Jason Fladlien – “How to Innovate to Easily Solve Problems and Create Breakthrough Profits”
  • Nicole Dean – “How to Get Your Competition to Happily Promote You”
  • Don Wilson – “Profits From Facebook, Funnels, Kindle, and More”
  • Justin Popovic – “Entrepreneur’s Mindset – Which Version of YOU is Showing Up?”
  • Jeremy Ginn – “Do I Believe? Why Your Answer Changes Everything”
  • David Perdew – “6 Steps to Implementing Big Ideas”
  • Zane Miller – (Bonus Presentation) on Google Hangouts
  • Ben Adkins – “Facebook Retargeting: The Hidden Facebook Goldmine”
  • Gene Pimentel – “Simple Domain Profits”
  • Chaz Key – (Bonus Presentation) on “Simple SEO Techniques”

I’m sure these sound like great topics to you…I know they sure sound interesting to me, which is why I can’t wait to start reading them.

When you get the Earn1KaDay 2013 Seminar Book, you’ll also get copies of all of the PowerPoint presentations as well!

Dennis said that the price is going to go up on Saturday, September 28th…so get your copy now:

Get the Earn1KaDay 2013 Seminar Book Now!

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