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Dave Dee - Free Money Making Secrets

Have you heard about this? I know how everybody always “talks the talk” about how they can show regular people can make money out of thin air…

…but I don’t think anyone with the clout of Dan Kennedy and GKIC has ever done it!

Here’s the scoop: Dave Dee (the Chief Marketing Officer of GKIC) is going to show you how you can turn your knowledge, expertise, advice or hobby into a 5, 6 and even 7 figure information marketing business.

AND…the best part is that it’ll all be LIVE so you can get your questions answered.

When you register for the FREE training below, you’ll discover how “ordinary” people like you can create extraordinary incomes, which means more security, more certainty and more freedom to do anything you want – any time you want – without anybody’s permission!

Imagine living life on your own terms and getting up every morning doing what you love. And think about how it will feel to live life of your own design.

It’s something very few people EVER achieve in life, but thanks to Dave, you’ll be able to discover the untold blueprint that could make you rich, relaxed and happy.

Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, September 4th (That’s today!)

4pm EST / 3pm CST / 2pm MST / 1pm PST

If you’ve ever wanted to discover how those “info-marketing gurus” always seem to materialize money out of thin air, have total freedom, autonomy, and security, and absolutely NO worries, then you NEED to be on this “live without a net” training!

You see, Dave used to struggle until a HUGE “a-ha” moment in his life propelled him out of deep debt, a job he hated, and living every day in frustration…

…to earning up to $32,000/month on autopilot using a simple “lifestyle liberation” blueprint you can easily “cut and paste” yourself.

In fact, Dave has been so successful at info-marketing that the “Godfather of Information Marketing” Dan Kennedy personally hand-picked him to be the “face” of his company!

This is an honor he doesn’t take lightly, and he’ll personally take you by the hand and guide you toward creating an information marketing business using your existing passion and knowledge.

Here’s just SOME of what you’ll discover in this “soup-to-nuts” training you’ll be able to implement as soon as the LIVE video training is complete:

– How to uncover your own, deeply personal mission based on your skills, talents, and passions that will unlock and identify exactly who it is you can best serve. (This makes making a lot of money MUCH easier and more enjoyable.)

– The #1 thing your prospects are looking for and exactly the way you need to describe it to draw them irresistibly to you like a moth to a flame.

– In a nutshell – a SIMPLE three-step formula for creating products that sell themselves so all you have to do is “rinse and repeat” and watch your bank account grow like an out-of-control virus!

So if you don’t have an info-marketing business, the secrets Dave will share with you will allow you to get more CONTROL in your life so you can spend time the way you want.

You can spend more time with friends and family, contributing to causes you believe in, and being able to acquire the FREEDOM to do whatever you want, when you want to do it, without getting anybody’s permission.

You’ve probably bought many products in the past that promised a “lifestyle of freedom” but fell short. Well, here’s your chance to learn from the REAL DEAL…the guy Dan Kennedy himself picked to head his company.

And the best part is you’re using the knowledge, talents, and skills you already possess. So you don’t have to learn any complicated stuff, just the simple blueprint others have “copied and pasted” for themselves to earn an increased income and and a more relaxed lifestyle.

And the best part is the video training is FREE. No selling, no pitching, and all content. Dave Dee wants to help others start and expand their information marketing business…just like Dan was able to do for 40 years, and still does!

Best part: Dave is also going to take your questions LIVE so you’re sure to come away with an action plan you can implement right away.

I know you’re going to be as blown away as I was when I heard about this. And this best part is this kicks off 10 days of FREE training that GKIC and Dan Kennedy will be revealing that’ll unlock the hidden income that’s residing within you.

But nothing will happen if you don’t take action right now and go to the link below:

By the way…the webinar can only hold 2,000 people and the last live event GKIC held took up over 1,700 seats, and that’s before they allowed anyone else to join in. So this is sure to fill up fast so hurry up and register and get there 5-10 minutes early or you’ll risk getting shut out. Register below:

Register for Dave Dee’s Free Webinar Now!

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