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Having Problems Coming up with Post Ideas? Use Blog Post Bonanza

December 1st, 2016 by Jessica

Bill Guthrie Blog Post Bonanza

When you’re sitting in front of a blank screen, it can be difficult to write a blog post.

You might kinda know what you want to say…but where do you start? How do you get to the main point?

Sometimes it just isn’t easy, and you’re not sure how to get a nice coherent post out that gets out the message you were trying to get out.

That’s where Bill Guthrie’s Blog Post Bonanza comes in.

He has these awesome templates that you can use to make it easy to write high quality blog posts all of the time.

There are 20 different templates, so don’t worry that all of your posts will look the same.

You’ll be able to go back and fort between the templates, so all of your posts will be different, and all will be high quality that people will want to read.

Right now, the price is really low too. It makes it a no brainer. Never have a problem writing a post again!

Get Blog Post Bonanza Now!

This Plugin Easily Creates Opt-in Bars, Timers, and more

September 22nd, 2016 by Jessica

Notification Bar Plugin Example

If you’re looking for a way to get content on your site noticed, take a look at the WP Notification Bar Plugin.

I bought it last week, and have already started using it on a few of my sites. Shortly I’ll be adding it to others, because I really like it.

What the plugin does, is add a bar to the top or bottom of your screen.

You can choose the color of the bar, so it’ll match with whatever you want it to.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with the bar:

  • Put an opt-in, so that you’ll have a way to get people to sign up to your list on every page.
  • Have a countdown timer, so that you can stress that the reader needs to take action now.
  • Have a link to a specific post, if you think everyone should make sure they read what is on that page.
  • Have a search bar, to make it easy for people to find things on your site.
  • Put social media buttons, so people can easily find your social media accounts.

What I love best about the notification bar is that its very easy to customize.

If you want the bar to show up on your entire site, that’s not a problem.

If you want it to be on only some posts or pages, that’s not a problem either.

And if you want to show one type of notification bar on some pages and another notification bar on others, you can easily do that too.

Just from looking at the customization page itself, you’ll figure out exactly what to do in order to get the look that you want.

Most likely the hardest part will be deciding what you want the background color to be!

Right now it’s on sale for $29, but I don’t know how long the sale will last. So take a look now, while the price is so low! By the way, for the one price you can use it on as many websites as you want.

Get the WP Notification Bar Now!

New PLR Package: Breathe

August 24th, 2016 by Jessica

Breathe PLR Package

No matter what niche you’re in, people are always worried about being stressed.

That’s why, this new PLR product that’s all done for you so that you can start making sales right away is great for anyone.

It’s called: “Breathe: How to Stay Calm, Confident and Collected in Even the Most Stressful Situations.”

Get your copy below.

Since you’ll have PLR rights, you can make any changes that you want, and sell the course as your own!

Here are just a few things you can do with this package:

  • Use it as blog content.
  • Sell it as a Kindle ebook.
  • Translate the contents into other languages.
  • Use the product as a bonus.
  • Provide it inside your paid membership.
  • Use it for coaching, speaking, etc…
  • Use it as an upsell for your product.
  • Edit, modify, and manipulate the content any way you want.
  • …and more!

All you’ll need to do is download the product, make any changes that you want, and start selling it!

With a ready made product that’s done for you, the only thing left to do is insert your order button so you can start making sales!

Get your PLR for Breathe Now!

Today Only: BlueHost Flash Sale – Get Hosting at $2.95 Per Month!

August 17th, 2016 by Jessica

Bluehost Flash Sale 8-17

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog (or business) online, but thought it was too expensive, today is your lucky day.

Bluehost is having a flash sale today only, where you can get hosting for just $2.95 per month – although you must prepay to get that price.

This basic package lets you have one URL, and they even give you the domain for free! So you can choose any that are available, and you won’t have to pay for it the first year.

If you think you’ll want more than one website, you can pay a dollar extra and go for the plus plan, which at $3.95 per month lets you have an unlimited number of websites on the one domain. With this package you’ll still get a free domain as well.

I use Bluehost for some of my websites, so I know that they are reliable. Whenever I’ve had an issue, it was very easy to get a hold of them and get my problem fixed.

So if you’ve always wanted to start your website but thought it was too expensive, take a look today!

Check out the Flash Sale at Bluehost Now!

Get Your Free ClickFunnels Account Now!

August 12th, 2016 by Jessica

ClickFunnels Free Trial

Russell Brunson knows what he’s doing when it comes to online business.

He’s a well known Internet Marketer who has been around for years, and is killing it online.

In fact, in one weird niche, his funnel is making $17,947 a DAY!

How awesome would even a tiny bit of that a day be?

The cool thing is that now you can use the same software he uses!

In fact, right now you can get a free account to use the same templates he’s been using!

This software lets you create:

  • Squeeze Page Funnels
  • Automated Webinar Funnels
  • Sales Funnels
  • Membership Sites
  • …and a whole lot more!

You can see a demo of the software in action at the link below.

After, you can get your account, and go set up some funnels! You’ll be blown away with what’s possible and how easy it is.

Check out ClickFunnels Now!

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